Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Beautiful Blond is Looking for a Home

I was forwarded an email from this little girl's foster home. If she doesn't tug at your heartstrings, nothing will. Do you know anyone looking for a puppy? Spring is the best time to enjoy a puppy.

---- Original Email ----
Our latest foster puppy. She is so sweet. She will be up for adoption this week. I am e-mailing everyone to take a look and ask them to e-mail this around in case anyone is looking for a puppy. She was found tied to a tree with red ants crawling all over her. She is very healthy, bright eyed and loving considering what she has been through. Have anyone interested get in touch with me/ P.S. She is only 15 lbs. right now. The photos are deceiving. She will reach between 30 and 40 lbs. which is a mid sized dog. She is extremely loveable and likes nothing better than to cuddle. She gets along great with my two dogs AND my cat. (Doesn't really care about the cat one way or another - which is good). She is smart (already sitting for treats, her meals and her toys). She is a very pretty blonde baby girl with nice markings. Sleeps through the night in her crate without a peep. I think she will make a wonderful pet for a lucky family.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jaguar Coats and Silk Curtains

My mom once sewed a coat from a jaguar skin. Born in Ecuador during a time when women’s roles grew only to include mother, wife, teacher, nun, or seamstress my mom chose to begin her adult life as a seamstress. Barely out of her teens, she became adept at translating yardage of indistinctive cloth into defining garments for her patrons. After her life grew to include a husband and two daughters, she sewed while everyone else slept. In the dark, working under the light of only a small bulb, she was diabolical; a dark figure bent over a cast-iron Singer, a foot rhythmically pumping life into the old, black beast, nimble fingers feeding it yard after yard, severed threads dancing about.

Thirty-five years later I decided that I needed curtains for my bare windows. Stocked with ideas, I headed to my usual home improvement shops and was shocked by the prices charged for the simplest of curtain panels. My ideal window treatment would include two silk panels, a sheer curtain underneath, and decorative rods. That treatment for ten windows would have cost me more than I could justify. “I shall make my own,” I declared, “After all, my mom made a jaguar coat once. I, too, should be able to sew.” My little goal was lofty; the last needle I threaded was as a child.

And thus began my newest learning experience. Stay tuned.

(Photo Credit: cesarastudillo on Flickr)