Monday, January 26, 2009

Who Needs Copywriters, Anyway?

I was recently pitching my copywriting services to a client whose website is stagnant and whose product page has had a “Coming Soon” note on it for the last two years. I even pitched my services as a quid pro quo agreement. He dismissed me by saying, “Who can’t write? It’s easy. Anybody can do it.” I was crestfallen.

In the time since I walked away from a full-time IT profession, I’ve had to bolster myself against the inquisition of well-meaning friends. “I’ve always been a writer,” I say. “I was a software developer by trade.” I've reassured them that my writing career is the true reflection of my talents. Yes, I am happy. Yes, I’m good at it.

But on that day, when I was willing to trade my services for a small return, I doubted my resolution. Perhaps one’s talents are something to enjoy privately and only a few lucky people can translate them into a rewarding profession. Maybe my goal of achieving such a balance is too lofty a goal. Maybe it is time to put my writing back in its drawer. Should I place a call to my IT colleagues and determine how I can most quietly slip back into that world?

Then, on a nondescript drive to meet friends for dinner, the universe spoke. “Pick up your quill, lady,” it said, “and honor it.”

If you can’t see the grammar mistake below, give me a call – you need me.