Thursday, December 18, 2008

Simple Lessons for Boys of All Ages

Gentlemen, are you having some trouble with the ladies? If so, remember back to when you were nine; apparently, that is when you had all the answers. Or so it would seem after reading, “How to Talk to Girls”, whose author, Alec Greven, is a nine-year-old love guru from Castle Rock, Colorado.

Alec’s book is an extremely quick read and reiterates the lessons that young boys learn and men forget. Notably, Alec points out that girls win most arguments and have most of the power. “If you know that now,” offers Alec, “things might be easier.” This tip alone makes the $9.99 price tag inconsequential. But, Alec goes on to offer a wealth of tips.

Alec points out that there is a girl for every boy and that the trick is to find the right girl for you. “Girls are everywhere,” Alec observes but warns against spreading yourself too thin. “If you try for too many girls you … might end up with nobody.”

Alec also warns that the right girl might not be the drop-dead gorgeous one. “If you are really confident,” suggests Alec, “go for the pretty girl. But the best choice for most boys is a regular girl. Remember, some pretty girls are cold-hearted when it comes to boys.”

Alec’s book will help any man traverse a relationship from the initial greeting, through the flowers-and-compliment phase, through the possible break-up. If the relationship doesn’t work out, take heart; Alec’s final tidbit: Life is hard, move on.

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